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How to change dafault Open with Program

This article is explaining the steps to change or revert the default open with program or default start with program.

A default program is the program that windows uses when you open a particular type of file, such as a text file, an image, or a webpage. For example, if you have more than one web browser installed on your computer, you can choose one of them to be the default browser.

Consider the file type XML which is supposed to use XML Editor as default program. Unfortunately if you have changed it to Notepad as default program, follow the below steps to revert default open with program to XML Editor

Steps to change default open with program

1. Open Default Programs by clicking the Start button, or Go to Control Panel ->Default Programs->

2. Click the Associate a file type or protocol with a program., or simply type the url Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs\Set Associations in control panel window.
Steps to change default strat with program

                                                      [Click on image to get enlarge view]

3. Scroll down and  select the type XML which we are going to revert the default open with program.

4. Click Change program.

5. Click the program XML Editor which is supposed to use as default program, If you don't see XML Editorclick the arrow next to Other Programs and select XML Editor.

Steps to change default start with program

                                                      [Click on image to get enlarge view]

Note : This article is applies to Windows Server 2008,Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
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