Sunday, 14 February 2016

Litigation Hold vs In Place Hold in Office 365

Litigation Hold allow customers to immutably preserve mailbox content to meet long term preservation and eDiscovery requirements. When a mailbox was placed on Litigation Hold, mailbox content was preserved indefinitely.

In-Place Hold was introduced to allow more flexibility in preserving your data. It allowed you to preserve items matching your query parameters, known as a query-based In-Place Hold, preserve items for a specified period, known as a time-based In-Place Hold, and also preserve everything indefinitely as same as the Litigation Hold feature

For more information, see this article: Exchange Online Service Description under “In-Place Hold and Litigation Hold”.

In Exchange Online, you can use In-Place Hold or Litigation Hold to accomplish the following goals:
  • Enable users to be placed on hold and preserve mailbox items immutably
  • Preserve mailbox items deleted by users or automatic deletion processes such as MRM
  • Protect mailbox items from tampering, changes by a user, or automatic processes by saving a copy of the original item
  • Preserve items indefinitely or for a specific duration
  • Keep holds transparent from the user by not having to suspend MRM
  • Use In-Place eDiscovery to search mailbox items, including items placed on hold

Additionally, you can use In-Place Hold to:

  • Search and hold items matching specified criteria
  • Place a user on multiple In-Place Holds for different cases or investigations


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