Thursday, 25 August 2016

Yammer is going to work with Office 365 Groups

As Microsoft moving the most valuable Office 365 IT Pro discussion network from Yammer to new lithium based Office 365 Network, most of the people's feeling is what Microsoft going to do with Yammer. Whether they are going kill Yammer to promote Office 365 Groups? or they have any other idea?.

Yammer is not dead, it’s growing as a part of Office 365 Groups service. That’s a good thing for your users and team scenarios. You can choose for your Group whether you want conversations to happen in Outlook (Email) or in Yammer (Social Network). You’ll also have other Office 365 Groups features available in Yammer, including SharePoint Team Site for Files, a Shared Calendar (powered by Exchange), a OneNote shared notebook, Planner boards, Power BI and Connectors so you’ll finally have all the integration points that you have waited so for.

Checkout this great article : for more information regarding Office 365 Groups and Yemmer's current uncertainty mode.

As prior step, all of these changes and value adds, rely on having the switch that says ‘Enforce O365 Identity‘ pushed in Yammer. As Yammer becomes a core service for your organization, you’ll want users to be able to log into it seamlessly, just like any other Office 365 service. Additionally, you’ll probably want to maintain a single identity for all Office 365 users for easier user management. You can achieve both of these goals by enforcing Office 365 identity in Yammer. By enforcing Office 365 identity in Yammer and configuring federated identity for Office 365, admins can achieve single sign-on (SSO) capabilities for all services in Office 365, including Yammer.

Checkout this detailed article : Enforce Office 365 identity for Yammer users  for more information


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