Thursday, 23 March 2017

Enable or Disable In-Place Archive in Exchange Online using Powershell

In Exchange Online, users can have additional mailbox storage space by enabling In-Place Archive. Archive mailboxes also provide an alternate storage location in which to store historical messaging data. You can easily enable or disable In-Place Archive through Exchange Admin Center (EAC), but you should go with Powershell if you want to quickly enable the archive mailbox for all mailboxes in your organization.

Enable In-Place Archive for a mailbox

You can use Enable-Mailbox cmdlet to enable archiving for existing mailbox. You may already used Enable-Mailbox cmdlet to create mailbox for existing users who don't already have mailbox, you can use the same cmdlet to enable In-Place Archive by passing an extra parameter -Archive.

Before proceed, Connect Exchange Online Powershell module and use the following command to enable mailbox archiving.
Enable-Mailbox -Identity <mailbox user id> -Archive
The following command creates an In-Place archive for the existing user AlexD who already has a mailbox.
Enable-Mailbox -Identity AlexD -Archive

Disable In-Place Archive in a mailbox

As like enable archiving, you can use Disable-Mailbox cmdlet to disable archive feature in a mailbox. Use the below command to disable mailbox archive:
Disable-Mailbox -Identity <mailbox user id> -Archive
The below command removes archiving feature from the user AlexD's mailbox.
Disable-Mailbox -Identity AlexD -Archive


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