Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Get List of Registered Azure AD Applications using PowerShell

In this post, I am going to share powershell script to find and retrieve the list of Azure AD applications that are registered by your company in current tenant. We can use the Get-AzureADApplication cmdlet to fetch all the registered apps.

Before proceed install Azure Active Directory PowerShell for Graph and run the below command to connect Azure AD PowerShell module:
Run the following command to list all the applications that are registered by your company. This command returns both web applications and native applications (run in desktop/mobile device).
Get-AzureADApplication -All:$true
You can filter the results by application display name.
Get-AzureADApplication -Filter "DisplayName eq 'TestAppName'"
You can also filter the results by application id.
Get-AzureADApplication -Filter "AppId eq 'ca066717-5ded-411b-879e-741de0880978'"

Find and list only Web applications :

Use the below command to get all azure ad applications with the application type "Web app/API"
Get-AzureADApplication -All:$true | Where-Object { $_.PublicClient -ne $true } | FT

Find and list Native applications alone :

Run the following command to get all the native client (desktop/mobile device) applications.
Get-AzureADApplication -All:$true | Where-Object { $_.PublicClient -eq $true } | FT

Export All Registered Azure AD Application Details to CSV :

The below command exports all the all azure ad apps with required details to csv file.
Get-AzureADApplication -All:$true |
Select-Object DisplayName, AppID, PublicClient, AvailableToOtherTenants, HomePage, LogoutUrl  |
Export-Csv "C:\AzureADApps.csv"  -NoTypeInformation -Encoding UTF8


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