Saturday, 10 August 2019

Move SharePoint Online Sites using Powershell

You can now swap your SharePoint Online site with another site using the Invoke-SPOSiteSwap Powershell cmdlet. When the swap is initiated, the target site is moved to the archive location and the source site is moved to the target location.

To use this new cmdlet, you need to use SharePoint Online Powershell version 16.0.8812.1200 or later (Download Link: You can install the latest SPO Powershell by running below command.
Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell -MinimumVersion "16.0.8812.1200"

Current Limitations :

  • The target site can only be the root site ( or the search center (
  • The source or target sites can't be associated with an Office 365 Group (team) or a hub site. If the site is a associated to a hub site, you can remove the association, perform the swap and then re enable the association.
  • If the target is the root site at then the source site must be either a Team Site (STS#0), a Modern Team Site (STS#3), or a Communication Site (SITEPAGEPUBLISHING#0).
  • If the target is the search center site at then the source site must be either a Search Center Site (SRCHCEN#0) or a Basic Search Center Site (SRCHCENTERLITE#0).
The below commands archives the existing root site and moves the CommunicationSite to root site.
Connect-SPOService -Url "https://<tenant-name>"
$SourceSite = "https://<tenant-name>"
$TargetSite = "https://<tenant-name>"
$AcrhiveSite = "https://<tenant-name>"
Invoke-SPOSiteSwap -SourceUrl $SourceSite -TargetUrl $TargetSite -ArchiveUrl $AcrhiveSite
Note: Before proceed replace the parameter "<tenant-name>" with your tenant name in commands.

You can refer this post for more details.


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