Hello, I am Morgan (Author and Owner of MorganTechSpace.com),  I have been working as a Software Developer around 8 years. I have worked with different type of Active Directory,Azure AD, Office 365, Exchange Server, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, GPO, File Server based products.

I have worked at Network and Security based Software organisations as a Software Developer, Business Analyst and Support Engineer. Through my working carrier I have learned the programming languages like C#, Asp.net and JavaScript. and scripting technologies PowerShell and VBScript, and server technologies like SQL Server, Active Directory, Azure AD, Office 365, SharePoint Online, GPO, File Server, Exchange Server and IIS Server.

While I was working to develop software, I have faced many of technical issues and googled for many more technical helps. One day, I was noticed I have been searching for some technical help frequently. So that I have decided to take some notes about whatever the issues I am facing on my day to day life. Then I have realized blogging is an easy and useful way. I have started  blogging in the mid of year 2012 as a part of my work.

For any other technical support contact me through morgantechspace@gmail.com

Software Developer


  1. Hi Morgan,
    I am able to create a common folder through GPO but the user is able to delete the folder.
    So kindly help me how this can be avoided.


    1. Sorry I think we can't prevent users from deleting folder as we are creating folder in user's own desktop location they should have complete full access to do anything.

  2. You are doing a very good job! I got help about PowerShell Scripts. Kudos to you!

  3. Danielle Belford7 January 2019 at 10:24

    Just found your blog. This is wonderful. Thank you so much!