Wednesday, 10 February 2016

What is DataStore.edb and is it safe to delete?

What is DataStore.edb?:

The DataStore.edb file is some kind of log file, it keeps the history of Windows updates and it is located under SoftwareDistribution folder (C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\DataStore.edb). Its size will grow for every Windows Update check.

Is it safe to delete?:

Yes, it is safe to delete, but the next time when Windows checks for updates, it will basically start from scratch and check everything. There's no point in deleting DataStore.edb since it will just be rebuilt the next time Windows checks for updates. If you are just looking for stuff to delete you can empty the SoftwareDistribution\Download folder.

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  1. I installed only about 10 network-related updates on a fresh system (they should have partly overwritten one another and consumed very little additional space - ideally) but Datastore.edb had grown over 500 MB. For no practical reason, this file is in text/xml format. On top of that, it is in Unicode and thus double the size it would otherwise be, even though the file only stores technical identifiers and not natural language. If this isn't an example of BLOAT then nothing is. Microsoft can't excuse themselves with "hardlinks" here.

    Since I don't intend to further update my system (and grow the winsxs directory, and risk installing unwanted nagware like GWX), it makes sense to stop the Windows Update service and delete this file. I also deleted everything under Download.

  2. My file was just over a gigabyte and I have auto updates turned off. No reason to keep a file laying around I use maybe once a year.

  3. datastore.edb was over 800GB on one of our workstations with a 1TB(931GB) hard drive

  4. How to delete the specific failed KB in update history.

    Note : Not entire history