Friday, 24 May 2019

How to store and read user credentials from Windows Credentials manager

I have got a need to store my credentials in Windows Credentials manager and get the stored username and password to use in a Powershell script which is used in unattended scheduled task. While exploring I have noticed some people used the command Get-StoredCredential. After seeing this command name, I thought this is a built-in Powershell command and used it in my script, but I got the error "The term 'Get-StoredCredential' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet" while running my script.

After exploring some more time found that this cmdlet is not a built-in command and comes under the Powershell module CredentialManager. So we need to install this module before using the commands New-StoredCredential and Get-StoredCredential.
Install-Module -Name CredentialManager
Run the below command to store credentials in Windows Credentials manager.
New-StoredCredential -Target "MyPSUserInfo" -UserName "username" -Password "mypwd"
You can read the stored user credential from Windows Credentials manager using below command.
$psCred = Get-StoredCredential -Target "MyPSUserInfo"
------ Use $psCred object with your command ------
Connect-MSolService -Credential $psCred


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